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Frequently Asked Question On Load.NG Bitcoin Services

Frequently Asked Question On Load.NG Bitcoin Services

Do you accept bitcoin from every wallet?

Yes we do and we’re fully automated.


How long does your confirmation and payment take?

We are fully automated, we have a systematic way of confirming transactions and payments with absolutely no human input.


My money is yet to be credited in my bank account

Kindly login to your internet banking (if you use internet banking) and check, you’ll realize you were credited immediately. We’re certain you are aware that In a lot of cases Nigerian banks have a way of delaying credit bank alerts.


My transaction got canceled on LoadNG, but successful on Paxful

Reasons why transaction gets canceled on LoadNG.


Here are the two possible reasons why your transaction got cancelled on LoadNG.


  1. You didn’t allow paxful to return you to the success page on LoadNG after the transaction.
  2. You waited on the transaction for more than 30 minutes.


Please don’t be frightened, we’ll resolve your transaction for you. Just that we need you to know the possible reasons.

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