Here are the three simple steps:

Step One: Login to your LoadNG account and click Sell Blockchain Bitcoin.


Step Two: As a first time user of the Blockchain platform, LoadNG will prompt a page where you’ll have to read the terms and conditions (Read) and proceed to GENERATE LoadNG Dedicated Blockchain Address.


Step Three: Send any amount of bitcoin from 1$ to 5000$ to your Unique address and get paid Immediately (8am till 10pm rule applies). The system automatically records all payments made into your dedicated address under your blockchain transaction history and shows you the status of the number of confirmations received as well as the transaction hash of that transaction.


So what does this mean? It means after you generate your LoadNG dedicated address, you don’t need to login to LoadNG at all before you sell to LoadNG (For Blockchain and other wallets). What is more amazing is that immediately you send bitcoin to your LoadNG address, it reflects AUTOMATICALLY on your transaction history page on LoadNG.

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