Load.NG, an e-Commerce platform that allows users to convert bitcoin (BTC) to cash in nigeria naira (NGN) says it is committed to providing solutions with regards to bitcoin to naira software automation in the country.

Tunde Aderemi Ibrahim, the founder of LoadNG Automated Systems: sell bitcoin for cash in Nigeria instantly www.load.ng says the fully automated Bitcoin  Exchange e-commerce platform ensures customers are paid the same second their ‘sell bitcoin to cash’ transaction completes with its sophisticated paxfulblockchain and other wallet bitcoin buying system, adding that such feat has seen the recently launched company process more than 3000 successful transactions since launch.

Tunde Buremo maintains that the focal point of the LoadNG innovation is trust as he recounts the company’s  favorite pitch: “Trust is Gold” as a watchword for Nigeria’s first fully automated bitcoin buying and selling system, LoadNG.  “When a customer sells Bitcoin, all he wants at that moment is Naira, the automation of LoadNG ensures a zero wait time” he says.

The innovative system allows Nigerian Bitcoin traders who trade mostly on the Paxful and Blockchain platforms to solve the issue of having to stand the numerous risks associated with converting bitcoin to Naira as it stands as an answer to the frequent question of “how to convert bitcoin to cash in Nigeria?”. The fully automated system also includes a bills payment platform for Nigerians to buy databuy airtime and pay other bills using cryptocurrency.