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Introducing the LoadNG Points System.
The LoadNG Points System has from October 1, 2021 replaced the LoadNG Bonus Coin System. This was inspired by #CustomerAppreciationWeek

About LoadNG Points (LP)
LoadNG Point is a bonus from LoadNG pegged at the rate of 10 Lp to 1 naira. This means 10000 points is equal 1000 naira.

How to get LP
For every transaction on LoadNG, you are rewarded with LoadNG Points. You can see this in the notification tab on web or app.

For every active user you refer to LoadNG through your LoadNG referral link, you also get rewarded with LoadNG Points.

LP Withdrawal Terms
1. You can only withdraw a minimum of 500 naira (5000LP).

2. LoadNG Points withdrawal is capped at 5000 Naira (50000 LP), your LP balance also resets automatically after every LP withdrawal.

3. You can only make a LP withdrawal once in 30 days (once a month), that means if you made a points withdrawal on 13th october, you have to wait till 13th October before your next point’s withdrawal.

This means that you can now withdraw your LoadNG Points anyday with respect to the terms above. We also now have a dedicated page on web ( and app (Android and iOS) for the new points system so you can keep track of all your LP earnings and withdrawals.

So keep trading, keep earning… and thanks for using LoadNG.

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