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LoadNG Lite is a lighter version of LoadNG that allows customers to buy and sell bitcoin at the best rate in Nigeria without having to register or login into the LoadNG automated system.

The objectives of LoadNG lite are simplicity and speed; it is very quick to use and very fast.

Let’s roll in 3 steps:


Enter your preferred account details, any coin sent to the address generated gets paid into the registered account after at least 1 confirmation and submit.

Enter the amount of bitcoin you’d like to send (between $10 to $1,000), the best rate present at the moment is openly mentioned on the page, and then continue.

Kindly provide your full name, phone number, and email address so that we can notify you when Bitcoin has been received and naira is sent.


Go ahead to send at the best present rate in Nigeria on LoadNG lite. Scan barcode or tap to copy the wallet address by clicking on the sign at the right side, then, send your bitcoin from blockchain, cashapp, or from any other wallet to the dedicated wallet address generated and click on ” I HAVE SENT”


Three stages will be displayed on the last page;
Stage 1: This first stage requires your order details.
Stage 2: This stage requires the received coin, which means the transaction hash, status, USD received, naira value, and confirmation.
Stage 3: This stage requires the payment details.
Note: Before the system automatically withdraws funds from your LoadNG wallet to your bank account, you must wait for at least one confirmation of the transaction.

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