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Safest platform to buy cryptocurrency officially announces LoadNG Business on LoadNG.

LoadNG Business allows you to always send Bitcoin for cash to just ONE wallet every time without generating a new wallet for every new transaction. ( LoadNG Business is Only Available for Bitcoin to Naira For Now. Other Coins to come Soon on LoadNG Business ).

So this means you can now always use just a wallet address for receiving Bitcoin even without logging in to the LoadNG platform (except you want to track incoming transactions anyway). Any Bitcoin that enters the wallet address gets Immediately recognized and credited to your set Naira bank account after 1 Confirmation. PS: Unlike the LoadNG Universal system, You can send it to your LoadNG Business Wallet as many times as possible. You can also give it to your sender, and be rest assured that the LoadNG system will recognize all Valid inputs into your dedicated wallet here on the best trading platform– LoadNG

Now, Let me walk you through how to generate Your LoadNG Business Bitcoin Wallet (You have to do this just once, doing it again gives you the same address)

Step One: Login to your LoadNG Account on Web ( on App ( for android users and for iPhone users )

Step Two: On web, Navigate to the menu and you’ll find LoadNG Business (New), Click on Bitcoin and proceed to generate your wallet ( Make Sure you read the Terms and Conditions, Lol.. )

You can also click on either Sell Blockchain Bitcoin or Universal/Cashapp/Any BTC. It’ll bring the two options of LoadNG Business and LoadNG Universal.

PS: The difference between LoadNG Business and LoadNG Universal is that LoadNG Business allows you to always send bitcoin to just one permanent wallet while LoadNG universal generates a new wallet for each transaction. This means you have to generate a new wallet every time you are selling with LoadNG Universal.

Go ahead to Choose LoadNG Business in this case

The system then generates the terms and condition statement, read and accept to forge ahead. Your LoadNG Business Bitcoin Wallet then becomes ACTIVE. This means you can now copy your wallet address somewhere and receive bitcoin with it anytime. You can also screenshot your QR code and send to anyone that wants to send you Bitcoin.

Any bitcoin that comes into this wallet gets recognized immediately and AutoWithdrawal occurs after 1 Confirmation, you can track incoming transactions by clicking the Hash button beside each order via the order history page ( Note: We don’t control the time of confirmation of bitcoin transactions, the blockchain network does, with respect to the network fee used as well as the pressure on miners at that particular time, Learn more about bitcoin confirmations Here).

AutoWithdraws all valid bitcoin inputs into your LoadNG Business Bitcoin Wallet with respect to the LoadNG Naira to USD rate as at the time the coin came in. You can use the wallet as many times as possible. Other coins will also be available so on the LoadNG Business Suite.



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