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The Universal System On the Best Crypto Trading Platform-LoadNG

Here’s how the universal system work.


When you send Bitcoin for cash, our system looks out for the bitcoin you sent, then your transaction gets recognized on our system and the details of the transaction like the BTC in USD value and the hash gets filled automatically.

Immediately this happens, our system calculates the amount of BTC in naira at the best crypto exchange rate and credits your LoadNG wallet. The best crypto exchange sites :LoadNG, keeps looking out for the transaction until it has at least 1 confirmation, when your transaction gets at least one confirmation, our system then pays the amount of money in your LoadNG wallet to your bank account.

Note – you can track the number of confirmations a transaction has with the hash button we have provided for each transaction. Also note that the amount of time a transaction takes before it gets confirmed is solely due to the bitcoin network (network load and network fee) at that time and we don’t have any influence on that.


Best Regards.