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Firstly, Let us start with the Sidebar

The sidebar gives you a quick link to access pages such as your user dashboard, your account details, your wallet on LoadNG and other details like your order history as well as your LoadNG Bills portal all these features can be found on the best trading platform: LoadNG

From the top of the page, you get to see a warm welcome with the best crypto present rate at which the system buys, you also see the Naira value of 1 Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency we buy.

After the intro, your generated wallet address is displayed and you are to do nothing but send bitcoin or the corresponding Cryptocurrency to your uniquely generated wallet address, you could also scan the Qr code alternatively to avoid mistakes while typing. You are meant to send bitcoin for cash from your preferred wallet (For example, wallet, binance wallet, cashapp wallet etc) to the wallet address uniquely generated from your LoadNG User account. Note: you are to send bitcoin to a wallet address ONCE, to send again, kindly generate a new wallet by starting a new transaction.

The last part of the page is the calculation part, which is ONLY meant for your calculation purposes with respect to our present rate at that moment, as you don’t have to click any other thing from this page.

After sending Bitcoin to your LoadNG dedicated wallet, the notification bar pops up in recognition of the amount received, and your Naira account is consequently credited Automatically on the best platform to sell bitcoin in NigeriaLoadNG

Thanks for using LoadNG.

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