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Explaining your dashboard in details is something you will want to read about, that’s why i will like to take you through your dashboard quickly:


A warm welcome with your registered LoadNG username , The stars which increases as you make more transactions on the best crypto buying platform, your main account details, and your LoadNG account manager’s contact.

Let proceed to where you can sell bitcoin for cash in Nigeria instantly easily. Firstly, we have sell paxful bitcoin on the first box, the system tells you to make only paxful transactions ,this same box contains the present rate at which we buy and the live rate of bitcoin in USD($), then proceed on sell

Secondly, we have the second box in which the system tells you to sell blockchain bitcoin ,this box is for blockchain transactions only, the present rate and the live rate is also included in the box, then proceed to sell

Thirdly, we have the universal / cashapp / any BTC wallet box ,where you can sell your bitcoin for cash from any wallet directly to LoadNG Automated Systems, the box also contains the present rate and live rate ,then sell.


LoadNG Wallet and More Services

LoadNG wallet box is to show you how much you have in your LoadNG wallet (LoadNG Bills) ,The money in your LoadNG wallet can be funded by your LoadNG dedicated account on providus bank which can be used to buy airtime , data , pay utility bills ,and do lot more of things on the LoadNG bills . This also contains how many account you added on LoadNG and how many transactions you have made in total.

More Services

Selling of other cryptocurrencies on LoadNG Automated System like ( ETH, BCH, Litecoin, USDC, Perfect Money). We also have the buy bitcoin column where you can proceed to buy bitcoin from LoadNG

Recent Activities

This shows all your recent activities in details on LoadNG , here, you can find the details of your transactions , the prices you have sold in dollars($) and in naira, the order ID , the status of the transaction and the actions.

My Bank Accounts and Our App

The details of your bank accounts is well written here , with detailed information about the LoadNG App (Google Play Store and IOS).

Refer Us & Earn

All users has a referral link ,all you need to do is just to copy the link and refer us to people around you , once you referral trades with us, you earn 500 LoadNG coin which will be converted to naira. Don’t hesitate to invite your friends to even get to earn more and more!!!

Thank You Note

Thank you for using LoadNG, we are always on support to help you in any way, please feel free to chat us up anytime, as we are always only 24/7.


Note: With LoadNG: sell bitcoin for cash in Nigeria instantly, Paxful will not charge you a dime even after 5 transactions meaning all transactions from Paxful are totally at ZERO extra charge. You should also ensure that the system redirects you back to the LoadNG Success Page after you confirm your transaction on paxful.

Thank you and best regards.