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LoadNG Automated Payments: best online crypto trading platform
LoadNG Automated Payments: best online crypto trading platform


LoadNG provides an automated way to receive bitcoin to cash immediately after sending via the Paxful system or the LoadNG Bitcoin designated wallet. The system credits your bitcoin to naira account instantly without any human input for Paxful transactions and after one (1) confirmation for Blockchain transactions (Although, you might get paid with zero confirmation with a good blockchain network) on the best crypto exchange in Nigeria

The payments are done automatically with respect to the filled bank account details at the best crypto exchange rate , for Paxful transactions, you get to choose which of your account detail you’d like the system to make payment to. For type 2 and type 3 transactions, the system automatically pays your bitcoin to naira in your default primary account detail.


Also note that we are not responsible for the receiver’s bank network at any point in time, you could now also track the payment history of each transaction on your transaction history page on the platform where you can sell bitcoin for cash in Nigeria instantly as we have integrated a system that allows you track your money up to the point it gets delivered to your bank account.

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