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LoadNG: Nigeria’s No1 fully automated bitcoin buying and bills payment system, which allows you to instantly sell bitcoin for cash in Nigeria. Get to know more about LoadNG Automated Systems, where you can Sell Bitcoin for Cash In Nigeria Instantly.

LoadNG provides an automated way to sell bitcoin for cash in Nigeria immediately; our state-of-the-art integration makes it possible to sell Paxful and Blockchain bitcoin in Nigeria seamlessly. You can also sell bitcoin from other wallets in the Blockchain/Others category on the LoadNG app. The LoadNG Bitcoin to Naira system pays your Naira account INSTANTLY without any human input as it is fully AUTOMATED.


Why Choose LoadNG?

Asides from being an industry pioneer, LoadNG customers enjoy the best cryptocurrency conversion system in Nigeria. What stands us out at LoadNG Automated Systems is that we appeal to sellers’ speed and trust demand right from the point of their desire to sell cryptocurrency (BTC to naira) to the point of getting value for the amount sold.

This is why we have processed over 100,000 individual transactions and counting from various users across the country and around the globe- They all use LoadNG as their trusted partner for cryptocurrency conversion solutions.

Take a ride through the automated system now!

Important to Note

LoadNG Automated Systems utilizes a straightforward mode of operation. The only way transactions get done on the platform is the LoadNG way.🙂

How to Sell Bitcoin in Nigeria Instantly with Paxful on LoadNG

Here are the steps to follow:

Register an Account in 5 Seconds: Register, an account by clicking on register on the LoadNG Website or Mobile Apps, fill in your profile details and proceed to sign in to your personalized dashboard.


Choose Sell Bitcoin: Navigate to sell bitcoin on your dashboard and fill in how much bitcoin you’d like to sell. The system automatically calculates how much in naira you get. Then click on proceed.


Send Coin, Receive Naira: The system then generates your order details and redirects you to your paxful bitcoin wallet where you are to confirm the transaction (Be sure you are logged in on on the same browser already); after confirmation, the paxful system redirects you to a LoadNG success page and the naira equivalent of your order gets auto-credited to your account wallet. Auto-withdrawal to your bank account is done automatically by the system immediately after the transaction completes.

How to Sell Bitcoin in Nigeria Instantly with Blockchain or Other Bitcoin Wallets on LoadNG

Here are the three simple steps:

Step One: Login to your LoadNG account and click Sell Blockchain Bitcoin.


Step Two: As a first-time user of the Blockchain platform, LoadNG will prompt a page where you’ll have to read the terms and conditions (Read) and proceed to GENERATE LoadNG Dedicated Blockchain Address.


Step Three: Send any amount of bitcoin (as little as $1) to your unique address, and you will be paid immediately. The system records all payments made to your dedicated address automatically under your transaction history. It gives the status of the number of confirmations received as well as the transaction hash.


So what does this mean? It means after you generate your LoadNG dedicated address, you don’t need to login to LoadNG at all before you sell to LoadNG (For Blockchain and other wallets). It is more amazing that immediately you send bitcoin to your LoadNG address, it reflects AUTOMATICALLY on your transaction history page on LoadNG.

What is the difference between LoadNG Universal and LoadNG Business System?

LoadNG Universal allows you to generate a new wallet every time you want to sell, while LoadNG Business generates just one permanent wallet for your account; this means with LoadNG Business, you don’t have to come on to the website before you send bitcoin to your LoadNG business wallet, the system does all for you in the background and calculates the price with regards to the present rate as at the time the coin becomes recognized on the blockchain network.

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