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It’s a pleasure to announce the launch of LoadNG Universal 2.0, sell from any system with our new UNIVERSAL SYSTEM.

Mode of operation

Navigate to your dashboard and click “Sell from Any Bitcoin Wallet (UNIVERSAL)”. After clicking on that, the system generates a unique dedicated wallet address to send bitcoin to within the space of an hour.

Advantages of LoadNG Universal 2.0

  1. Your Bitcoin sells faster than the previous version.
  2. You can track your bitcoin on the order page and the history page as every order has got a link and hash to track with.

Laws that applies to LoadNG Universal 2.0

  1. You should only send bitcoin once to this address. If you need to sell another, start a new order.
  2. Every order expires after 1 hour. So you should make sure you send bitcoin to the wallet within an hour of generating it. In order to know when the order is about to expire, there is a timer on the page that shows you how much time you have left at all times. If your time is about to be up, just create a new order. Though all sent bitcoin are traceable.


Thank you for choosing LoadNG Automated Systems.